ISO Certification Services

The Firm Cugia Cuomo & Associati provides the assistance regarding the implementation of ISO 14001 Measure and improve environmental performance, with the aim at helping  business company to decrease the waste and pollution that it produces in order to reduce the environmental footprint; and  ISO 9001 Quality Management System with the aim of ensuring compliance with contractual requirements by implementing management models aimed at improving performance.


The Firm assists its clients with highly qualified professionals in order to provide its customers with the documentation and company management procedures required to obtain the Certification.

Firm news



The Court of Justice of the EU interprets, for the first time, the EU regulation enshrining ‘internet neutrality’

Accordign to the Court ( C-807/18 and C-39/19),  the conclusion of agreements, by which given customers subscribe to a package combining a ‘zero tariff’ and measures blocking or



A Data strategy for Europe and Artificial Intelligence

The EDPS issued its opinion on the  Communication “A European strategy for data” (the Data Strategy) and the  “White Paper on Artificial Intelligence –



Blockchain for Start-up and SMEs in Italy

The Ministry of the Economic Development (MISE) highlighted that OECD issued its survey on the development of the Italian blockchain ecosystem and the implications that this new technology may have on