Call for input about the Review of the Intra-EU Communications Regulation

24 novembre 2022

According to recital 53 of the Roaming Regulation, the European Commission, with the support of BEREC, should assess the effects of the existing measures introduced by the BEREC Regulation on intra-EU communications and determine whether and to what extent there is an ongoing need to reduce the caps in order to protect consumers. For this purpose, BEREC will draft an opinion analysing the measures imposed. The opinion will mainly be based on the data collected for the Intra-EU Communications Benchmark Data Report. The opinion will be finalised and submitted to the European Commission in March 2023. 

BEREC is asking interested parties to send their input about the functioning of the Intra-EU Communications rules and their suggestions for improvements/changes taking also into account the requirements of the Roaming Regulation laid down in recital 53.

Please send your inputs to the following mailbox by 5 December 2022 CoB.

Please note that BEREC does not intend to provide individual responses to inputs or publish stakeholder inputs.

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